The past five months have been quite a roller coaster for me filled with many joys, frustrations, disappointments, fun, love, laughter and anticipation. To me it had seemed that the greatest of these was the start of my business venture, but this week everything gained a different focus . . .

I anxiously awaited the birth of my eldest daughter and son (in-law’s) daughter. My first grandaughter. I was nervous and couldn’t wait to hear if mother and baby were safe. Word came that all went well and great relief followed.

When finally walking into the room and meeting the tiny little girl my eyes filled with tears and wonder. Then we were introduced to Sage Emra. She had my name as her middle name! Suddenly I was overwhelmed with emotions that couldn’t be understood at that moment.

Slowly I reflect on the meaning of it all. How does this one thing of a perfect little miracle bearing your name affect you so deeply? It seems as if you’ve been given a great responsibility along with the pride and joy you feel.

I want her to know that her grandma is no ordinary person just like her name. What will my legacy be to her? Can I add to her life a richness she may not have known?   And so my thoughts begin to unravel these emotions . . .

There is power in a name. So much so that my name given with intent has impacted me perhaps forever. We all know that a child learns from what they see far more than what they hear. How we behave daily and our name we’re known by, is our gift or curse to others.

Take the challenge with me to have your name have great worth.

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