My Story of Loving Life:
“I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, got married and moved to Durban and gave my all to my husband’s career. We had two daughters, the youngest being mentally challenged. We moved to the USA where we struggled for awhile as immigrants, experienced divorce and ultimately all found our way successfully.

My girls are happy, I’m a Grandma and re-married to one of the most beautiful people I know. My Robert has enhanced my understanding of what true respect  is and I believe it is one of the most essential aspects of relationships. We have built our dream log home in the mountains of North Carolina where our 3 dogs have found their bliss.

Regardless of life’s challenges I have always believed in the value and power of the day at hand. I find beauty in each day and give thanks for it. I love to laugh, believe in living a balanced, healthy lifestyle and in making a difference wherever I am. I strive to learn from daily experiences, always have a new and bountiful dream to pursue and live life to the fullest!”

Emra’s Bio:

Emra Smith, is a Hope Warrior, bringing Hope and healing to the brokenhearted, stressed and weary. She opens doors for women, girls and like-minded men, through coaching and teaching emotional, mental, physical health and wellness. Facilitating transformation, training how to confidently create a strong future, one story at a time. As CEO and Founder of The International School of Story, Emra pours her life coaching and corporate training skills into all she serves and empowers them to step boldly forward. She facilitates unpacking stories for clarity, healing and direction, finding peace from the past and the answer to the question, what’s next? This process works for all she serves in corporations, city governments, universities, churches, business, entrepreneurs and individuals. The result is abounding hope, clarity, passion, power and action-steps for the future.

As an entrepreneur she helped build five successful optometric practices in South Africa; moved to the USA and led sales & marketing for a corporate company bringing in over a million dollars in revenue monthly. It was a natural transition for her to step into corporate training and working with Corporate Executive clients and their teams, City Councils, Church Leaders and Entrepreneurs where she coaches and trains Communication and Leadership Skills, Inclusion in Diversity, Emotional and Mental Health & Wellness. Becoming a social impact entrepreneur is deeply rooted in her story as a South African where the impact of apartheid stirred her voice and passion for inclusion in diversity and wellness. Emra’s experiences gave her the skill and expertise to start her global movement to facilitate sustainable change.

The International School of Story is about building stronger communities. Facilitating emotional and mental health and well-being, de-stigmatizing mental illness and sharing Hope for dreams locally, nationally and globally. As women we have a strong voice for women, yet without gender divisiveness as we believe in being inclusive in diversity, that together we are stronger. We do this through sharing tools to cope with stress, anxiety and depression through technology, video, speaking, coaching, training and products. Each shares the message of Hope and gathers critical data to consistently develop a voice that is relevant with sustainable tools. In developing countries we share training and meet personal and community needs for sustainable living and futures.

Emra furthers her inspiring teaching for lasting impact as an author, her books being, A Little Book About Big Things, Your Story Matters , There is Always Hope, iMatter and Together we are Stronger. Each shares stories of hope, encouragement and tools to heal, grow and thrive. The essence of her teaching and books teaches respect for one another, no matter how different each of our stories are and shows powerfully that what seems impossible, is possible.

Emra believes that giving is essential for life and has incorporated The HOPE Tea Doll Project to globally give HOPE during difficult times. As a gifted TEDx speaker Emra, uses her voice, bringing light into dark moments, daring one to be outrageously effective at home, at work and in the community.

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