My Story of Loving Life:
“I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, got married and moved to Durban and gave my all to my husband’s career. We had two daughters, the youngest being mentally challenged. We moved to the USA where we struggled for awhile as immigrants, experienced divorce and ultimately all found our way successfully.

My girls are happy, I’m a Grandma and re-married to one of the most beautiful people I know. My Robert has enhanced my understanding of what true respect  is and I believe it is one of the most essential aspects of relationships. We have built our dream log home in the mountains of North Carolina where our 3 dogs have found their bliss.

Regardless of life’s challenges I have always believed in the value and power of the day at hand. I find beauty in each day and give thanks for it. I love to laugh, believe in living a balanced, healthy lifestyle and in making a difference wherever I am. I strive to learn from daily experiences, always have a new and bountiful dream to pursue and live life to the fullest!”

Emra’s Bio:
Emra Smith is known as the inspirational challenger and facilitator of HOPE. She is a Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer and Life Coach for leaders to facilitate change. Emra is a Certified Coach through Coach Training Alliance  She has successfully completed Licensure and Specialty-Certification as a New Life Story® Wellness Coach  Her expertise in the psychology and neuroscience of coaching extends her considerable experience in Life Coaching. Emra is also a Facilitator for Identity & Destiny – Discovering God’s Purpose for your Life and Inside the Boardroom Member of EBW2020.
Emra started speaking and teaching as a teen in her church and continued to do so throughout her Marketing & Sales career. She became a Corporate Trainer in the Hospitality Industry and further specialized in Customer Service and various Human Resource training. Emra speaks to many various organizations, churches and has won numerous ribbons and contests at Toastmasters.
Emra has differentiated herself through her unique and powerful inspirational speaking which is poured into any given topic or training.  She is the Founder and CEO of the International School of Story, a Place and Platform where women give and receive HOPE, empowered to boldly step into their stories. Emra is creator of the HOPE Doll Project and HOPE Campaign.
Emra facilitates discovering God’s purpose for your life and success strategies for daily living through her 5 life changing challenges. She loves working with leaders as she understands the needs and dynamics of leadership. Emra is passionate about assisting women who go through crisis in times of transition.
Emra’s story of HOPE, living in God’s purpose for her life, as well as the stories of many inspiring women are told through her blog, in-box magazine, her book Your Story Matters and soon to be published book, Teatime Stories. These are stimulating stories to stir your soul that will inspire you to be more, live more in your God-given purpose.
Emra shares HOPE wherever she goes and daily does a HOPE Walk wherever she is. She did the first 21-day HOPE Walk from Savannah to Sarasota 2016, where she vowed to continue the journey daily and plan further walks in multiple cities. 

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