Relationship Skills

Relationships – the connections we have between each other are powerful, be it good or bad. Equally so the outcomes, consequences and EmraColorSquaresenvironments we create through our relationships.

We choose complaint-free living, surrounding ourselves with positive people and endeavor to make good choices for daily happiness. Alas, we cannot always escape the negativity and hostility of others in our home, business or work life.

There are solutions for these hard-to-solve situations. Whenever people come together around a common goal, whether it’s improving sales or choosing where to go on a family vacation, misunderstanding and conflict inevitably arise. On the job, that can mean decrease in productivity and sales. At home, misunderstanding can lead to frustration and broken relationships.

This Relationship Skills Coaching provides you with a professional development tool to understand human behavior more profoundly and to interact with others with more insight.

You will discover:

  • Why people are motivated differently
  • Various behavioral needs that make each one unique
  • How to build and restore relationships
  • Develop increased personal understanding
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Build teams
  • Maximize communication

Together we will explore your personality style using the DISC Personality System Profile Assessment.

  • You will become a better communicator
  • Enable you to resolve or prevent conflicts
  • You will appreciate the differences in others
  • You will gain credibility and positively influence others

This can be done by:

 1:1 Coaching sessions

Leadership & Team Building  Coaching and Workshops


Contact emra@emrasmith for further information


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