Mothersday is one of those days that bring a smile, a tear, happiness or frustration, isn’t it! When growing up my dad and I usually forgot that it was Mothersday and would have to rush to the graveyard a few miles from us to get some flowers from the sellers there.

Carnations or chrysanthemums, which my mom hated. She’d have a tear and I’d feel all guilty.

Now I’m a mom of 2 grownup daughters, a wonderful son-in-law and a 19 month old grandson with his little sister on her way. I’m a happy mother who received a special and meaningful gift in the mail today . . .

My husband and I think of each other when we see a dragonfly and we are quite passionate about them. We have attached the Japanese symbolism to the dragonfly. In the Japanese culture it represents a symbol of strength, happiness and courage.

Three powerful words – strength, happiness and courage. Not what you think of when looking at a dragonfly with its fragile wings and its short life. They do move fast though, with an average of 22-34 mph and there is record of a Southern Giant Darner flying up to 60 miles per hour! If you watch one can see it work hard at living each day to the fullest with gusto.

My wonderful gift in the mail today is my Mothersday gift and is a dragonfly pendant from my daughter. My girls have been my gift to the world and in turn what a gift to me they are.

May a dragonfly cross your path and may you accept in that moment my thoughts and prayers for you to have the gift of strength, happiness and courage in the days ahead.


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