My husband and I are in the North Carolina mountains at our log home for ten days. Besides exploring, creating new art for our home and relaxing, we whittle away at our to-do-list of many projects.

The task I always leave for a next visit is painting the few walls scattered between the logs that beg for color. We finally tackled the living room wall today. Robert taped, I painted and before we knew it, it was done. What can I say . . .  it feels like I’ve just jumped into a green pond. It’s a touch too bright. Not good.

We went for a drive, had a great time discovering a quaint little town and arrived home to re-evaluate how we feel about the wall. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw it! We then thought that perhaps it will be okay with the art on. Or maybe it will grow on us. Perhaps we’re overreacting. We came up with any idea to just make it work. it’s so much easier than to re-do the wall.

I sit quietly and ponder our decision to let it be. Truth be told – I’m compromising what I really want. This doesn’t work for me. The color’s wrong. I will have to re-do it. Ugh!

I’ve actually gone through this process earlier this year with my business. I chose a good direction and set off to make it work. I compromised what I really wanted to do and could have taken the easy route and stuck with it, but I decided to start all over again. So glad I did!  Ultimately compromise doesn’t work.

Compromising eventually disengages you.

You can give all you’ve got for a short while, but if your heart is not connected to your work things go wrong.

  • Your energy level drops
  • People annoy you more often
  • You find fault easier
  • Your commitment to your work changes and you don’t give 100%
  • You become less happy at home as well

Compromising what you really want and settling for what’s easy

Compromised green wall

is just not worth it.

I’ll make the effort, re-paint the wall and love my living room forever more.

Join me, step out, do what it takes and live each day to it’s fullest in every way!

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