Are you ready to STOP pretending that you love your day job and START taking steps to realize your dream of having your OWN business . . . and make the money you want with more free time?

Imagine – making 6-figures being AUTHENTIC and TRUE to yourself, doing what you love when and how you want to.

I dreamed of having my OWN business, tried twice and quit. I finally learned the valuable lessons of what it takes to succeed and now not only do I have my own business, but I’m doing what I LOVE – making a difference in people’s lives. I now earn in 4 days what I used to earn in a month.

I have just recently helped a dream become a REALITY of a hotel manager who started her business part time and got a thousand dollar client within the first few months. She realized her STRENGTHS, tapped into them, STARTED her business and is getting ready for a larger transition into it.

Of course it’s scary:
You don’t have time or money to do it
You just don’t even know what to do
You’ve tried and failed!

There is a SECRET! In a nutshell it’s this: You have to BELIEVE in YOURSELF and that YOU DESERVE to live the life you choose. Stepping out and starting your own business all rests on this premise and we usually need help working through this.

Here are the PROVEN 7 STEPS you need to gain CLARITY and CONFIDENCE and the SKILLS to start your own business:

1) Gain COURAGE: Understand the obstacles and challenges you face. Know what you think, understand why and how you react to them. Look at your life story and the people and situations that have impacted your life. Take 100% responsibility for your actions behavior and choices. Realize your needs & ideals and know your life purpose.
2) Make CHANGES and become STRONG: Decide what you need to change, prioritize your goals, transform your inner critic to your inner coach; convert your fears to intentions & commitments.
3) Set SMART Goals: Act on them and choose your first next best action, then the next – step by step. You start feeling the excitement here and bubble with joy. You see the possibilities.
4) Create a VISION: Revise & review your belief systems and how you view money. Neuroscience teaches us that your brain does what you tell it to do, if you don’t limit your thoughts, the brain finds the way to follow your vision.
5) Develop a business PLAN: Let your business idea align with you purpose, skills and gifts; look at the need it addresses, how big is your market, what will your role be, how much money do you need and how much money will you make; what are your milestones.
6) Business ESSENTIALS: have a basic structure, learn about or outsource your business assets – your website, social media, articles, etc.
7) Bound into business and TAKE the LEAP: find great people to help you; find a niche; establish a brand.

You cannot fail if you UNDERSTAND and WORK through these steps. Yes, there are many aspects to learn and that’s available to you. Keep your vision before you, excel in each step of the process and you WILL have YOUR OWN SUCCESSFUL business.


For further encouragement and skill for each step find out more here:

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