We all have challenging moments in our lives and it’s what we do with them that makes a difference in
both our lives and for those around us. To the core of my soul, I believe in living life to the fullest
every day and endeavor to do so. 3 of my most challenging times have been – raising a mentally challenged daughter; leaving my homeland and wealth to start life in a strange country; getting divorced after 25 years and starting over again with nothing. At this point I just wanted my life to end.
It’s clear that it didn’t or I wouldn’t be here sharing with you! How did I get through these times in my life? Not always too successfully, but I always rose above it:
*   With my mentally challenged daughter I leaned hard on God for strength. I exercised consistently and watched my diet carefully. I received much needed help and support from my friends.
*   Leaving my homeland was a traumatic experience for me and I worked hard at whatever I could, did the best that I was capable of every day, learning as much as I could about all I could. I wrote my first book, became a Corporate Trainer in the hotel industry and now have my own business.
*  In my 25 year marriage, I did the same. Worked hard at it, but the lack of equal respect for me, finally dried me up. I fled form God, crashed, divorced, went to counseling and finally learned to take care of me in healthier ways. I am now in a marriage of equal respect where both our dreams are being reached. And of course – we laugh a lot!
This core value of living life to the fullest each day has permeated each day, through every challenge and facilitated decisions  and to make changes to do so.
I know you have a story too and want you to know that I’ve made it through and that you can too. There’s so much to enjoy, achieve and share!

Next time I’ll share more on what Love Living Today really means.

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