I love to celebrate and I think a birthday is one of my favorites.  It creates an opportunity to say thank you, I love you and you mean a lot to me. This in itself is a positive way to start the day and fill it with warmth and joy. Then of course, the more people you know and care for, the more days you celebrate!


Being my birthday week I planned a fun day. For years my favorite spa experience of having a hot stone massage has eluded me and I decided that this was the year to make it happen. I chose my new sweater given as a gift from my girlfriend and personal stylist, Joanna, which is of course one of my perfect colors to wear!  I pulled on my black cowgirl boots over my jeans and headed out.


I squealed with delight when I reached the car – no it wasn’t a new car, my husband doesn’t celebrate and of course he forgot which day it was! The car was sprinkled with tiny, squiggly white splashes, which I learned was frost. (I’ve lived in the tropics remember and now in Savannah, GA).

Beautiful ice flakes. Little expressions of art, beauty and creativity.

All excited I arrived at the Heavenly Spa, snuggled in my robe, had an exotic cup of tea and was escorted into the tranquil massage room. The quiet music and aromatic fragrance started entrancing me when my reverie was interrupted by the words, ‘Sorry, the pipes broke last night due to the cold weather and there’ll be no hot stone massage today, but you’ll have a wonderful deep tissue massage”.

Mmmmm . . . . interesting wanna-be words wanted to race through my mind, but the picture of the frost flakes took hold. If there was water, I’d have never seen the flakes and experienced the same joy my grandson does that makes him squeal with pure delight. I closed my eyes and chose to use the 80 minutes to be thankful for those I love.


Of course there was no sauna either and I smiled as I pulled up my boots, gave a good stomp to stand strong and firm, shook my curls and knew that this was going to be a powerful year. Just then the receptionist walked in with a message, “Joanna called and has arranged for you to have a Heavenly Manicure”. Right there, strong and bold for this new year, a tear slid down my cheek. Another gift, more thanks!


Needless to say, my nails were painted the brightest red possible, which is not my custom.  My symbol for the new year – boldness. I step into this year being a bold woman, living in purpose and choosing to see and experience the flakes of beauty every day.


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