Based on a 2002 article in the Gallup Management Journal, most people do not feel connected with their job or the company they work for. In fact, their data shows that only 29% of all employees feel engaged in their work. The other 71% show up but are psychologically absent and generally non-productive.


A lack of connection to what you do for a living usually reflects a lack of purpose and meaning in life. But when you crystallize your God-given purpose, you gain the clarity and direction needed to…

  • understand yourself
  • recognize your gifts and your passions
  • choose adtivities that align with your purpose
  • experience real satisfaction in your job and lire

Another sad truth is that most people do not connect deeply with their work because they are strictly doing it for the money. Financial necessity drives the job choice. Just think if the money could be the reward rather than the end-goal. When you are aware of your purpose, and you make decisions that are in line with that knowledge – you will be able to put your skills and talent to work in roles that maximize enjoyment, effectiveness, and results.


Attitudes toward work can be ranked in four categories:

1. “It’s just a job.”

Show up, do the minimum and collect a check. No attachments to the role, company, associates or purpose.

2. “I do it for the security and stability.”

Some identification with the company and associates, but really there for the pay check.

3. “It is my profession or trade.”

Provides some personal satisfaction and challenge, money is important and identification with role and organization can be as well.

4. “This is my purpose in life. I am called to do this!”

Using your gifts for the intent that the Creator has ordained while filling a need and getting paid for the service.


Where are you based on these four categories?


Have you done the Free Life Purpose Quiz?

If not, here’s the link for the quiz:

Where does your “quiz scores” say you are with respect to knowing and living your life on purpose?


Taking the time to honestly assess your attitude toward work and reviewing the results of the “Free Life Purpose Quiz” can give you great insight. It just might be the wake-up call you need to begin exploring the questions… Who am I? and Why am I here?

This is a guest post by Tom Wolf. Please connect with him andPam at

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