What does being overweight mean to you?
*  an obese person struggling to walk?

*  a large expensive belly?

*  A few cuddly rolls here and there?

*  a skinny person pinching some skin saying ‘ugh, I’m so fat’!

*  Perhaps all of the above?

Obesity in the United Sates has escalated. Amongst children and teens it has tripled since the early 1970’s and 1 in 5 children between the ages of 6-17 years old is overweight.

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention says that obesity is excess body fat. This is measured by your Body Mass Index (BMI) and is calculated by height and weight. Over 30 means you’re obese. I’m 25 which is overweight.

Weight gain is simply eating too much food and too little physical exercise. Typically we eat too much sugar, salt and fat. This is the simple version of course, but if we can even just get a grip on this, we’ll see change.

JJ Virgin, one of the nation’s foremost fitness and nutrition experts says that we may be ‘weight loss resistant’. This is when you are more than 20 lbs overweight, can’t lose more than 1-3 lbs a week when eating healthy and exercising. The cause of this may be food sensitivities and allergies. She says that foods we are typically sensitive to are eggs, gluten, dairy, corn, soy and peanuts. (These foods may also affect your body in other ways besides your weight).

I was 25 lbs overweight and have lost 12 lbs! I’m back to eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly again. I did get help though to  move me along faster which I feel really helps breaks bad habits. No yo-yo dieting and following a new fad, just solid, healthy physical help. I use the masterfully created patch, shake and IsXperia tablets to give my mind and body what it lacks and needs. (See more about it to the right).

I aso joined FCA as they have a huddle that trains right near my home and their encouragement, help and support is so positive and holds me accountable to get out there and get ready for my next half marathon later this year.

When we have created bad habits we struggle to break, we need help if we’re serious. Few manage to do so on their own. I’d love to say ‘I can do it alone’, but am brave enough to say that I don’t. Jack Canfield says in his ‘Success Principles”, that you need to do whatever it takes when forming a new habit. All or nothing, give it all you’ve got. The longer our bad habits are entrenched the longer it takes to undo them, typically 21 days is a minimum, for lifestyle changes 90 days at least.

There are deeper reasons in each of our lives as to why we slump into poor lifestyle choices and once again, if you’re serious about living a quality life, explore these at a deeper level. Get some coaching, have an accountability partner and move forward. Look at my Coaching Packages that offer various levels to suit your needs. Join the Inner Circle Community where you can be part of the Q&A calls and your questions can be answered. It will be a wonderful support for you of others who want more from life and who are living it!

My challenge to you today is to Live More, Be More and Live in your Purpose. Healthy living , losing excess weight and being fit is a crucial part of living each day to the fullest.

Are you ready? Will you take the 90 day challenge to lose that extra weight, exercise more and start your journey to a healthy lifestyle?


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