Spring is definitely here in the United States of America and new life is popping up everywhere. The trees are suddenly clothed in soft green leaves, the grass so vibrant seems like new carpet has been spread out everywhere. Flowers in every color and texture smile and nod at you and the fragrances – they bathe you and wrap around you . . . mmmm.. delicious!

I love the word JABULA which in the Zulu language means to live happily. It’s as if the birds right now sing the message of happiness to us. My soul is exuberant!

Are you happy?

Jabula means to live happily in the Zulu language in South Africa.Born and raised in South Africa, one of the greatest gifts I received was the innate ability to live happily. If you visit the country you will feel the joy in every fiber of your being. The broad smiles will captivate you, the hearty hello’s and genuine care for your well being warm your soul. The music will move you into a rhythm that will pulsate through you with an energy you will feel long after you leave.

During life’s journey our adherence to our core values are challenged and we learn so much about them and the impact they have on our lives. For me the many learning experiences of understanding my core value of living happily has taught me the essence of how to achieve it.

It seems to me that for many others this pursuit of happiness is a heartfelt need and longing as well. Happiness can take on many forms – joy, laughter, achievement of goals and dreams, business and personal success, having our needs or wants met, making a difference in the world and a slew of so much more.

This past weekend I had the joy of spending time with my grandchildren. Watching little Sage stand on her sturdy legs and laugh so heartily as her brother amused her had me giggling away. Laughter and utter happiness pours out of her. A powerful reminder to adults of how to live life.

Whatever living happily means to you, I want to encourage you to read the 5 life changing challenges. Spring is a time of renewal. Take one of the challenges, have fun with it, learn more, invest in yourself to live more, be more and move forward in purpose to achieve extraordinary happiness.

Do you want to live more, be more and move forward in purpose to achieve extraordinary happiness?

Download the Free ebook JABULA and if you’ve read it, do so again. Share which challenge you’re taking and let’s journey together!

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