We spoke last week about the details of focusing on your dreams and briefly about setting SMART goals and I have had such an exciting experience to this end. A few months ago I did a Coaching class ‘Making Your Dreams Come True, with Marcia Wieder of Dream University.  I stated on my list of 10 dreams that I would like to get onto Television for the work that I do and I forgot about it, thinking that it’s for someday further down the road. But yet, I set the intention.

As you know, I’m preparing for the ‘Teatime Stories’ live event, May 2, in Savannah, GA. As part of my strategic plan I have attended as many networking events as I can and I have met the most remarkable people with whom I have shared my dreams & goals. Before I knew it, my new ally, Patrina, & I were invited to be on an interview for the Comcast TV show and I have another interview coming up with WTOC live.

All in time before the event.

Now how is that for dreaming, sharing the dream, then setting goals & making a plan – and look what happened! It’s powerful stuff.

To move YOU deeper into this place, my friend & colleague Andrea Feinberg has a FR*EE program that you can be part of. She shares fabulous details to facilitate you getting a goal done in 30 days.

If you are struggling to achieve your goals or dreams here’s a wonderful opportunity to get it done.

1. You will identify 1 important goal that you CAN achieve in 30 days

2. Plot a course to achieve it using 5 weekly lessons & templates

3. Participate in discussions on a private, close Facebook group

4. Get support & feedback

5. Have 2 group calls

Achieve you dreams, don’t let distractions get in the way!

Sign up for this FR*EE experience: http://www.morefreetimezone.com/lets-get-it-done/

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