As a teenager listening to the stories of missionaries helping those in dire need, my heart would skip a beat. My soul was stirred and the desire to make a difference for those in need grew through the years. My journey of giving began and I travelled with other teens to help build a rural hospital. As a young adult I started a food sharing project for the homeless children in my city. Before long, a dream was born to find a place that could house the needy and teach them about living a healthy & balanced lifestyle. As I dreamed and searched for a place I got involved with many non-profits. I spent some time in an inner city rehab and did fundraising for cancer research, all to satisfy my inner dream that kept growing.


When we built our home in North Carolina and spent days of quietude in the mountains the dream re-surfaced and I allowed myself the time to see the full picture. I saw the workshops for women and young girls where they would come and learn skills, make products, sell them and create a sustainable living. They’d learn essential skills and life would change on the planet for the needy. I wondered if this would be my life work or if I’d affiliate with others doing similar things. Feverishly I scoured the internet to find the right organization I could affiliate with as I waited.


Time rolled on again, life changed and I expectantly found myself in Savannah, GA working on my training, coaching, speaking and writing business. I was asked to be a judge at a speaking competition for high school students and ended up sitting a seat away from a lady with a warm, kind smile and beautiful eyes. We shared what we do and the dreams we had and looked at each other in amazement. It was designed that we meet that day at that moment in our lives.


Prior to our meeting we had each begun to understand our dreams and life work and It was two pieces of a puzzle that fit into place. Patrina had just started ‘Making Change’, an organization that changes lives, builds futures and shapes the dreams of youth. We share the same International vision of having workshops and creating real sustainability all over the world.


The dreams and longings found a home and work has begun. Our complimentary, effervescent talents and experiences are forging the plans and programs ahead. June 2 is the Boys 2 Men Conference for boys ages 11 – 19 and amazing things are coming together for it.


I sit quietly and ponder with amazement and wonder at it all. I do believe that our dreams to facilitate change, have been given to us.


One of my biggest dreams originated when I was a teen. I believe God placed this dream in me so I can serve as I am right now.  Finally the moment has come for me to walk into the experience my dream coming true. Not only has my dream of facilitating change been given as a task, but it’s given to me as a gift. It is my responsibility to give this gift  to others.


What have you been given to do alongside your work, to make a difference?


Do you listen and watch for your dreams to be revealed?

Do you resist and walk away from it?


A portion of our happiness each day is in the act of giving.


For more about the Boys 2 Men Conference and how you can help go to 

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