Is this little Weiner dog having a moment of happiness and utter joy or what!

My husband and I, our two Weiners and the Labradoodle, love exploring on the weekends. Little Catbaloo comes alive outdoors. She charged into that soft sand digging and flinging it sky high. Next thing she buried her nosed and rubbed her face as deep in as she could then scoured her little body before she rolled over for a back rub. Her tail beating a million wags a second. I could hear her laugh as she shamelessly rolled, dug and tumbled again and again and again. Unbridled, ecstatic happiness.


When last did you experience utter joy?

Do you laugh every day?

Do you prefer complaining and whining?


To live a joy filled life in utter happiness every day takes some doing. It’s not showered on you, you choose it and then work toward it and then you’ll have it. It’s that simple.


There are 5 skills that are an essential part of daily living that need to be a part of your life of happiness:

  • Not Complaining and taking a 100% responsibility of your life
  • Belief, acceptance of yourself & understanding your innate gifts
  • Dreams, wants, envisioning & targeting goals
  • Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Giving to yourself & others


I want to highlight the first – not complaining. Life has many ups and downs and many painful, stressful, exhausting experiences that deplete us. It could be illness, losing a job, financial crisis, divorce, broken friendships, having a stressful work environment or being in a relationship that’s filled with conflict. Each of these affect our lives dramatically. You know what surrounds you right now and how can you not ask if  happiness is possible in any of this?


How do you not get trapped into days of constant complaining, dissatisfaction and misery?


  • You take 100% responsibility for your life, your actions. There’s no room for excuses by blaming someone else or a situation. You get to make the choices of what you want to do.
  •  You need to take time out to think when you feel your emotions rise. Assess the experience and see what troubles you.
  • Decide what to do. If you choose to not change your situation, know the reason very well as it will see you through.


Taking responsibility for your actions vs. just complaining about them increases your courage and strength. In turn this facilitates an inner peace where the fountain of true happiness resides. You become rooted and grounded and can stand strong in the storms of life. It is then easy to choose moments of unbridled joy in utter happiness.


SO here’s what to do now:


  • What is your happiness number? On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being utter happiness. Write it down.
  • Write 3 factors that keep it from being a 10
  • Choose the top one and write 3 action steps you will take to start the process of change
  • Read the FR*EE ebook JABULA for examples and further thoughts
  • Go to http://www.facebook.com/emrasmith , Like the page and share 1 action step.


You can live a life of happiness & utter joy!


Don’t whine, win!

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