During the month of September I made the long trip from the USA to South Africa to say goodbye to my Pappie – beloved dad, in Afrikaans. As I said goodbye to my past, I was given the present and the future. By embracing recollections through photos, family, friends and places I found pieces of myself again. My tears of sadness were mixed with the warmth of joys forgotten.
It is as if my grief deepened as I embraced my culture, it’s people and the ones I loved once more, just to let it all go again as I took the long arduous journey back to America. I sank into the quietude of my grief and asked myself the question, “So what is this all about anyway? What is my life’s purpose?” I have a message and learned all about the ways to deliver it – but so what?
I found the answer, my gift in grief and I have shared it in the video below. There are many details involved and I am discovering them little by little each day as I ask, listen and wait.
I care deeply about you and am privileged to share my journey with you and look forward to sharing more about yours with you. As always, I appreciate your feedback.
With love,

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