Taking the plunge into adventure for 2014 started exactly as that! I chose to Be More, Live More, In His Purpose and do things IMG_1128differently this year. No goals, no plans. Whew, this is really hard for me as I like to run ahead and be ever so active. With God’s help I will be still, wait and listen. Then act as He gives me assignments. HE is enough.


As 2013 came to a close the things I had not accomplished, achieved and experienced flooded my thoughts. It froze me, stole my joy and energy for the new year ahead. Tucking into a quiet corner of my bedroom my soul opened to God. He knows me, but needed me to pour out my deepest feelings to Him. As we huddled together He drew me to Himself and the adventure began . . . He gave me three steps to take:


1) Giving thanks for everything that happened in 2013. Writing in my journal became feverish and robust joy flooded my soul as pages and pages got filled. My entire attitude changed and my energy level soared.


2) Noting my dreams and longings in my dream journal. With childlike honesty, holding nothing back, I scribbled the small desires of my heart, the big ones and even the ‘yes-possible’ (seemingly impossible) dreams. 


3) Then – I gave it ALL to Him. “Do with it as You see fit. You know me better than I do. You know the end from the beginning. You know what You need and for whom. I’m Yours”. Shut the books. No plans – open.


The adventure began  a few hours later when I joined my friend Cindy at their home for New Year’s Eve. In true Savannian style IMG_1159they had an Oyster Roast. Hesitantly and fearfully I plunged in and tasted the freshly roasted and pried-from-it’s-shell, little morsel. First and probably last taste for me, as I still shiver at the thought.


At Noon on New Years day, Savannah’s tradition beckoned me – The Tybee Beach Polar Plunge. The cold, grey, wet and windy morning of 2014 teased as if to say “really, you crazy?” The duality of my personality style was at war – yes, fun . .  no, stupid! I reluctantly drove the miles alone to the beach and was happy enough to just be there, half frozen walking from the car to the beach.


Just as I was about to call it quits – I started a conversation with the energetic lady next to me. “You’re going in! With me!” Minutes IMG_1155later she grabs my hand and we bound into the ocean together. I did it! My heart exploded and it seemed as if joy for the entire new year ahead flooded my soul. 


As I walked down the beach picking up shells, I smiled at the gift the sea presented – a sand dollar making it’s way toward me, the first live one I’ve seen. I felt the warmth of God’s smile as He winked at this unplanned adventure and that He sent to Donna who encouraged me. I smiled and knew that He will provide whatever will be needed for this adventurous journey ahead and that it’s okay if I’m reticent, fearful and unsure.


“Be strong and of good courage, for I am with you” – Jesus  Matt 28:20


Will you step into His will for your life?


“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”. Matt 6:33


Thank Him for what He did this past year. Write your dreams and longings down. Give them all to Him. Wait on Him.

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