I love branding and fell in love with Starbucks years ago. Aah, the ambience . . . the details . . .  the customer service! IMG_1346In reality, I don’t drink coffee, but do I love the dry, deep foam that fills my cappuccino cup. They make it right every time. Yip, I became an experience snob, much to my husband’s disdain. Eventually he was won over and my daughter is now not the only one I can joyfully anticipate a Starbucks experience with. 

Having been a Corporate Trainer in the Hospitality Industry for some time, the day came when I stepped into my own business as a Trainer and Life Coach. My speaking, training, connecting and communication skills make work a pleasure. I had the opportunity every day to make a difference, change lives and choose environments that meet my core values.

This journey accompanied by a sequence of life events revealed many details of my money story to me. Simply put – I had no regard for money.  The more time I spent in quietude with God, the more I realized that radical change was needed. I asked for wisdom and ability for the discipline I would need.  I started listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcasts and knew that a debt-free lifestyle came with sacrifice. I would need to give up and do without a few things. What would I miss most?

Starbucks! Not that I had these treats everyday – it was only now and then. It was my take-care-of-me happy place. Decaf cappuccino, banana walnut bread, salted caramel pops. Oh boy! This will be tough. Being creative with a positive mindset, the cogs churned as I pondered this dilemma. Bingo! A new Starbucks was opening right near where we live and they’ll need staff! Brain didn’t think, chased fingers to the keyboard and the application was filled out and sent. I wouldn’t need to give up my Starbucks – I’d get my drink for free each shift I worked and I’d earn some money while having fun with people.

I really amped up the joy as I realized it would achieve a solution for another issue I faced as a solo-preneur. I struggle with working from home and long to be part of a team where you build relationships and have a given routine. Part-time is perfect, as there’d be flexibility for my speaking appointments, Corporate Training commitments, writing and precious girlfriend time.

The door has slammed shut each time I applied for various positions these past two years. I knew that if this crazy notion came about that there was a reason, if not many. Two interviews later, I got the call, “Emra, please join our team”.

Really? What now? What is this all about? Discipline Emra, discipline. You asked for it, you got it. At this moment I smile and sense God’s humor and gift. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to improve my life AND I get my happy treat.

I’ll blog often and share this journey as I think there’ll be many life lessons learned. I’ll try and be transparent, won’t write fancy, or I’ll not get it done. Just journal what comes. Please share you thoughts, insights and comments about life and lessons you’ve learned through interesting circumstances. Perhaps it’ll become a book of many insights.

Till tomorrow . . . 

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