IMG_1341The first day of my Starbucks experience was training which is always fun. As a Corporate Trainer it’s a multi-facetedexperience for me. A mix of soaking in new information, observing how the trainer operates and reviewing the training material.

The training experience wasn’t what I envisioned. I do have high standards when I deliver training and sure expected the same from Starbucks whose brand standards I admire so highly.  Oh well, stuff happens. The needed internet was down which muddled it all up. Musing now as to whether I’m making excuses for the leaders, as I always give others the benefit of the doubt when things are less than great.

Perhaps they can use my skills in the future. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Together strong teams are made. Thank goodness experience has taught me to be still at first, prove yourself, earn respect and your strength like cream, will rise to the top. In time, you find your happy place using your gifts if you do your best in the least of tasks.

The content was new and fresh as I know nothing about coffee. We learned to smell and slurp the coffee for aroma, acidity, body and flavor. I have never had black coffee, till now. Five different coffee’s were paired with different foods which changed the coffee taste radically. Wow!

I had no idea that blonde coffee is the strongest. Here I was thinking it’s light with less caffeine . . . blonde girl thinking!

Dreamer that I am, a new dream was born – going to Africa and meeting with Rooibos tea growers. Yes,

Starbucks owns Tazo Tea and Teavana.  Come to find out that Partners (which I now am) can win a trip to visit the coffee growers. Mmmm . . . so how far will I pursue climbing the ladder to positions that offer these fun excursions? For now being part time, I’ll keep my eye on my priorities – finish my book, increase my speaking and training appointments and enjoy my Starbucks drinks while serving!

The excitement and warm fuzzy emotions of this new experience are a little lessened by whisps of thoughts, “Is this really what I want or need to be doing?” Stepping out of my various leadership roles to servanthood? Stating it this way helps answer the question. Practical servanthood is good and necessary for true leadership. Here’s where the rubber meets the road.

“For he who is least among you all will be great.”Luke 9:48

Do share your thoughts and story if you resonate with any aspects.

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