IF you want more every day – more peace, more joy, more fun, more time out or just simply get more done . . .

IT’S TIME! Take a minute to evaluate your life and how it’s working for you. See what needs changing. Work out a plan. Make a decision. Take action. One small step at a time.


I am in the process of re-evaluating what is most important in my life right now and realizing that this is a process that is ongoing and changes in different seasons of life. With this comes a re-formatiing of how I prioritze my time.

I am discovering new aspects of my story I have not wanted to enter and excited about stepping deeper into the fruit of all these chapters as they blend together. A few projects I am working on is rebranding my website and logo, book writing and all that goes along with it.

One exciting decision I’ve made: to share stories of the amazing people I meet!

Why do this? As Doug Elliott says, “Storytelling helps us make sense of our lives and helps us share our being”. Sharing our stories give hope, courage and strength, can heal our hearts, bring joy and stir compassion. In our giving to one another, we receive.

“Storytelling is the thread which is woven deep in our lives, our conscious, our humanity. It has the power to bring understanding amongst the peoples of the world. Tell and listen.”
Antonio Rocha


Is it time for YOU to choose more and make changes?

Kathy’s story . . .

“I dashed into the busy Chicago airport, sprinted to the ticket counter then raced to join hundreds of Monday morning travelers moving rapidly through the security line. My full-speed-ahead mode left me temporalrily ahead of schedule and gave me a little time for one of my favorite pastimes: people watching. The scene resembles the chaos that ensues when directing the full force of a water hose on an ant bed. Thousands of frantic creatures scrambled around, although it was difficult to determine exactly where they were headed.

The flight information boards were flashing times . .  . departures . . . arrivals . . . delays . . . I suddenly found myself swept up in the anguish, stress and madness of a multitude of people I didn’t even know. But even though I didn’t know their names – I could feel the knots of anziety twisting in their stomachs. I felt their rising tension as they reached the closing doors only to watch the train to concourse D leave without them.

I know what it’s like to exert all your effort to meet life’s deadlines only to miss them by a fraction of a second. I know how it feels to be worn out from the race when you are nowhere near the finiah line. I know the overwhleming despair of realizing you will never reach a goal line. And yes, I have also sung the popular refrain, “There are not enough hours in the day”.

But on that crazy Monday morning, God whispered sweet hope to me, and reminded me that His Word offers answers to all of life’s dilemmas – even my time management problems!

To all the tired, frantic, and overwhelmed, God offers us the peace that’s found in trusting His Perfect Timing”.  From, Beating the Clock – Managing Time God’s Way

To purchase Kathy Burnsed’s book, ask her to speak or connect with her: http://perfecttimingtoday.com/


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