An unexpected story is unfolding in my life. Little did I know how plump my little insert-book was destined to become. Yes, I call it the insert-book. I’ve been laboring over Teatime Stories for three years and as I thought the end was in sight, the little book – Your Story Matters was written and published in five months. It all made sense as the writing came to an end. It’s the essence, the foundation of the books to follow, of my speaking and of the platform that’s developing for women (and a few amazing men). Each story matters. God’s story matters as it breathes life into our stories.

But this is not the unexpected story . . .

The invitation to the unexpected story lay waiting in my Facebook Inbox one morning a few months ago:

Can I translate your book into Spanish and would you be willing to come to Mexico and speak to our ladies? The unexpected story began.

My heart leapt, my fingers tapped the words, “Of Course, YES”. My emotions spilled a tear down my cheek. My voice was silent as the blood pulsed through my body, drowning every sound.

In the days and weeks that have followed my mind has raced:

  • I have no funds for this project –

Translation fees, travel expenses, printing costs

  • I’m scared –

Is it safe, is there clean water, will it matter to the women

  • How do I fit it into my schedule

Answers are coming and my faith is growing. More than that, my heart is expanding.

The love I feel for these unknown women is a thread woven into my entire life story. Our cultures have similarities as to the roles of women, love of family, deep joy and serving. Strong women within the confines of culture.

I can hardly wait to lay my eyes on this Spanish translation. To share and walk among the ladies. To see life through their eyes. Somehow I think I already do. Of essence we are all so alike, yet unique as individuals because of our different stories.

Can you imagine all that lies ahead in such an unexpected story?

Have you had an unexpected story?

Please share your story with me.

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