“Am I crazy walking for HOPE?”

I ask myself this question over and over again.

I get scared. Scared of the unknown route ahead.

Afraid that I won’t have the expenses covered.

Nervous about how being away impacts my husband, by my not earning an income during this time.


Then I remember walking for HOPE in 2016. God whispered, “Note how I provided:

  • You had a vehicle donated by Honda Grainger. A beautiful Honda Van at that!
  • Your gas money was given to you.
  • Your accommodation booked and paid for, food too, by Trace Staffing.
  • Water for the hot summer days provided by Perna Construction.
  • Logo wear paid for by Coastal Ice Machines.
  • Friends and Taylor Upholstering Company donated enough for you to cover the web design expenses.
  • The ladies of Isle of HOPE Baptist church stitched bags of HOPE Dolls to share.
  • Kathy Walters Burnsed handled all the media, did your laundry, drove you, took care of the speaking appointments.
  • Raelynne handled the receipts and cumbersome details.”

My heart surges further as I scroll through the photos of the people we met, served and shared life with. The women at the rehab homes who we gave HOPE to, helping them see the dreams their hearts held and how to believe in them again. The women we shared tea with, encouraging them to ask, find and realize their out-of-the-box solutions for their hopeless situations. Hugging a line of men and women who couldn’t believe we cared enough to spend time with and touch them. Talking to the children at Tampa Adventist Academy and serving in the kitchen for Metropolitan Ministries Homeless shelter.

I smile as I think of God answering the heart desire of our young traveller to visit Disney World and see her grow and make a decision to give her all to God. Each moment was filled with giving. How I loved the time and freedom to take one coaching call after another – listening, praying, mentoring while I walked the six to ten miles a day. HOPE Walk 2016 will be an experience each of us will never forget.

Now I have the call to do a Walk for HOPE in California. HOPE Walk 2017. My team won’t be there. What seemed sure isn’t. Will I do it if each detail of the plan falls apart? Will I do it alone? With no guarantee of revenue, driver, security?

Am I crazy walking for HOPE? Why on earth would I do this? Will I?

YES. I am doing this. Simply, in blind faith. “Just show up. Trust Me.”  It is obedience to a Call.

Compelled by a fiery passion to serve. To give all I’ve got to humankind. To give HOPE and inspire dreams. Heal hurts through encouragement.

 To prove that nothing is impossible and that it doesn’t take much to give and make a difference in the world.

We each have a story and our unique way to share life and love. I don’t have money to give away. I don’t have land to share. I can choose to not have time, but I’ll give it. I have me and that is what I’ll give.

ONWARDS! YES! It’s happening! The 21-day 2017 HOPE Walk is around the corner! March 27 – April 16, 2017, starting in Savannah, GA and ending in Los Angeles, CA.

The 21-day HOPE Walk will kick off at the Isle of HOPE Marina, Isle of Hope, Savannah on Monday, March 27, 2017 at sunrise. Several stops are scheduled in the Savannah, Pooler, Statesboro area before heading to the Savannah airport, Thursday March 30 and fly to California. The journey from San Rafael, CA to Los Angeles will include the historical El Camino missionary road.

Thank you for your prayers!


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