Are you a consistent blogger? Do you procrastinate or get tired of posting your blogs weekly, or even monthly?

I sure do procrastinate and skip weeks and sometimes even months of blogging. Not that I get tired of writing posts, that’s the odd thing.

So I’ve had to really have a serious sit-down conversation with myself. Why on earth do I make this mountain out of a molehill?

It’s natural for me to teach and share as a corporate trainer, speaker and author. Yet I make this drama out of blogging. It just gets to be huge ordeal and then I don’t do it.

When I do blog consistently, it’s a lovely experience and yet another way to give my gifts to those who might need it.

As I dig deeper into my stall tactics, I don’t see that I have any limiting beliefs about blogging. I think I have to conclude I simply don’t plan it. It’s not on my schedule and then time runs away. There’s only so many things to do in a day and a girl has to have fun too right!

So here’s what I’m going do now:

  • Schedule my writing day, revision day, and post day.
  • I will also correct my self talk. You will not hear out of my mouth again, “Oh no”, or  “Oh, I’ve got to write a blog! Ugh!” I will say, “What a joy, I get to share and know I will give help to at least one person I can’t see in person.”
  • If I fail in my new plan, I will definitely get an accountability partner.

It’s that simple! Right?

I look forward to connecting and if YOU need an accountability partner for anything you’re procrastinating on, give me a shout.

Remember: There is Always HOPE 🙂

P.S.  I have found Michael Hyatt’s posts on blogging so helpful – and there’s a ton of them!

Here’s one:

Do grab a copy of my new book, There is Always HOPE to encourage you, give you a boost and challenge you to be more live more and love more in God’s purpose for your life!


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