Can you be thankful yet filled with anticipation? Is thankfulness not equal to contentment? A place of peace? Is anticipation not quite the opposite, where your tummy has butterflies and you sit on the edge of your seat waiting?

YES you can and I AM – filled with thanks and huge anticipation! What a year 2017 has been! A year filled with gifts and crazy busy. A year touched by unexpected sadness with the loss of a beloved friend. In fact it was during this time that I received the gift of anticipation. Anticipate. Expect. “You don’t expect enough big things from God Emra”, said a friend of the family to me at the funeral. 

Gregg Talbert, my previous co-worker who had become my beloved friend died suddenly. I drove the ten hours to say good-bye, to fill my heart with the warmth of his family, to share who he was – to give hope. I returned with hope and the words of the family friend ringing in my ears . . . expect big things . . .

I am thankful for this past year’s big things and there’s more? Yes, I’m thankful for:

  • Leaning into loss, giving my heart and in doing so, receiving the challenge to anticipate.
  • My coaching clients, corporate training, workshops and speaking engagements this past year.
  • The first EBW2020 Chapter Leader Summit and seeing the power of God sweep through the room. Little did we know all God would do in the months to come.
  • HOPE Walk 2017 that started in Georgia then off to San Fransisco and on down to Los Angeles. Wow! So much experienced in those 21 days! Plenty of photos on Facebook covering the walk.
  • Launching my new book, There is Always HOPE.
  • The International School of Story gaining non-profit status and becoming a hybrid publishing house – furthering the promise of sharing life-changing stories.
  • Launching our Savannah EBW2020 Chapter and taking on the role of being EBW’s Director of Chapters Globally.
  • Being a Billion Dollar Funder Circle (BDFC) finalist, being mentored, growing and pitching a whole new added business aspect – the HOPE App! This literally takes all my life work into one place that will go global.
  • A trip to open EBW Chapters in new York City and London – meeting women who will forever be a part of my life. Hopping over to Sardinia to see my precious Gianna.
  • The gift of the fundraiser by a group of supportive men.
  • Global work with EBW2020 and the promise of visiting South Africa in January to give back – a dream since the day I left.
  •  Ingrid Vanderveldt for staying true to her Call no matter what.

Being thankful compels me to anticipate greatly, to expect much. It seems as if the journey has just begun. As if I’ve been prepared for all that lies ahead and am finally ready. As I complete my new book Together we are Stronger and plan the many working trips for next year, I marvel at it all. My soul is at peace, my heart filled with joy and my spirit revved up anticipating it all. There’s nothing like living fully in the purpose you were created for.

As you close out this year, may you take time to reflect and write down all you are thankful for. Anticipate and expect huge things! Dream bigger than ever before! Make plans to turn your dreams into reality. Invite God into this process – it changes everything!

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