Selling Your Book

You know that you have a powerful message and story that’s uniquely yours to share and that’s why you had the courage to write your book!

Are your books sitting on your shelf or in boxes in your garage?

Do you give more books away than you sell? 

Are you serious about your book? You were – do you know what’s holding you back from selling it?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, this action-packed, four-week powerful course is for you.


Week 1 - Mindset to Share and Sell

We will examine the Mindset to Share and Sell, how God fits into your process, who you are, your strengths, weaknesses, limiting beliefs and fears, how to change your self-talk and step forward empowered.

Week 2 - Marketing Toolbox,

We will unpack the Marketing Toolbox, where you will learn the details of Email marketing, growing your list, developing Courses and teachings from your contentjoint-ventures, advertising, understanding your message and how to craft it. You will learn how to use these tools to sell your book and make the difference you are designed to.


Week 3 - The Essentials of Speaking

We will learn the Essentials of Speaking and tips, basic skills, where and how to get speaking appointments.

Week 4 - Social Media Skills

Week 4 we will take a look at Social Media Skills and what and how you can implement them.

Sales is a process. It takes at least 7-13 touches till someone feels they have enough information to trust and believe in what you’re selling. It takes effort and work. Together we can do it! it’s so much more fun doing it with someone who holds you accountable.

BY the end of this course you WILL have taken steps to market your book. We have homework each week and book orders will be coming in! Yes – we work as we go! The first one to sell 5 books gets a gift package in the mail from me! We are going to have fun!

I have a limited number of seats for this class, as I keep it small, so that I can give you not only the weekly class but be available for you 1:1 during this time with questions and encouragement. I will also be praying for you daily. Praying for you to have wisdom, courage and connections.

God has taken me out of my comfort zone with my books, as He has called on me to reach out to people I had never thought to. He has taken me to places I couldn’t have imagined. He has grown me in ways I now treasure. It is an empowering experience to surrender into Him to use the penned words He gave to impact the lives of others.

Please sign up before the class is filled – the world needs your book:

 Webinar Starts Thursday, July 27, 8:30pm EST and runs for four weeks.

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