Your Story Matters


Your story Matters, Each story matters.

The big stories and the little stories.

Each one, every day.

Your entire life matters

You matter

Do you believe that God is in all your stories?

Do you know that your story matters because you matter to Him?

Let Him Unwrap all you’ve hidden away,

Untie what holds you back,

Discard the unnecessary,

Keep the treasure, and

Remodel what is left.

Will you allow God the honor,

to gently unlock your heart—story by story?


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In Your Story Matters you will discover:

  • That you are important and why

  • Why God is important

  • How and why He matters

  • Why you matter to Him

  • Why and how you unravel your stories

  • The power of your stories and what to do with them

  • That taking this journey brings peace, joy, power and passion

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