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Emra Smith, from the International School of Story, walks daily for HOPE!  As she walks she spreads HOPE through coaching calls, giving out HOPE Dolls, smiles, warmth and encouraging words. God’s love pours through her for others and she believes that positive actions help facilitate personal and community change.

Welcome to discovering the answer to many things in your story!  This leading website and newsletter is here for you to be inspired to live more, be more, love more and move forward in God’s purpose through 5 life changing challenges and through inspiring stories.

Our mission is to inspire and challenge you and to give you the tools to lead a happy, healthy, wealthy, and more balanced lifestyle. To create a community where millions of women (and some amazing men) from all over the world come together in support and celebration of what God has done in our lives.

You impact what our world will look like in the future. Your influence fosters growth or decline in the workplace, your business, home, church and society. We all need support and accountability and gain inspiration and courage through each others’ stories.

Please join us and be both inspired and challenged to live life to the fullest each day in purpose, achieving  the great things that God has designed for each of us.


“I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full” – Jesus  (John 10:10)


The Starbucks Experience

The first day of my Starbucks experience was training which is always fun. As a Corporate Trainer it’s a multi-facetedexperience for me. A mix of soaking in new information, observing how the trainer operates and reviewing the training material. The...

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What on earth does Starbucks have to do with it?

I love branding and fell in love with Starbucks years ago. Aah, the ambience . . . the details . . .  the customer service! In reality, I don't drink coffee, but do I love the dry, deep foam that fills my cappuccino cup. They make it right every time. Yip, I became an...

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Taking the Plunge into Adventure for 2014

Taking the plunge into adventure for 2014 started exactly as that! I chose to Be More, Live More, In His Purpose and do things differently this year. No goals, no plans. Whew, this is really hard for me as I like to run ahead and be ever so active. With God's help I...

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Little Things Count with Money and Diet

Little things count in life and you better believe they do when it comes to money and diet. This article written by Dr. Dave Krueger is a powerful call to commit to making small decisions everyday that count.   How Two French Fries Weigh 40 Pounds Putting on 40 pounds...

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A Heart of Love

 My husband’s sweet request as to where I’d like to hang the heart artwork he gave me years ago, was once again answered. “I’m just not sure yet”. Fact is that I don’t like hearts on the wall, on clothes, napkins – anywhere.   The only reference to hearts that is...

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Joy and Purpose Through Your Story

“I am working all things together for good, because you love Me and are called according to My purpose”                                                                                                                                                – Jesus  Rom 8:28  ...

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Seventeen women share their stories to show that there is always HOPE.

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